Ohio is a Norwegian pop-orchestra. You don’t have to look twice on this band to understand that it’s something out of the ordinary.

With four out of six band members playing an orchestral instrument you’re sure to experience something original. Still it is probably be the incredible tuba playing of Sebastian Torjusen that captives your imagination the most. Growing up in a small village in western Norway he learned to play the tuba by himself. Instead of listening to Bach and Mozart he listened to hip-hop music like Jay-Z and Eminem. He tried to emulate what he heard, and it led to a very different approach to the tuba.


Ohio redefines pop music. It is authentic, different and playful, but still well within the boundaries of traditional pop music. They operate across genres and time. Ohio live is a mash-up of high energy, talent and the absolute best atmosphere for pure joy!

Hans Olav Ingholm

Vocals / Keys


This 26-year old mass of energy has several years of experience as an entertainer. Having spent his twenties as a comedian , both as part of variety shows and alone on stage with a microphone, it’s quite astonishing that he managed to get a major in economics on the side.  Having learned music by ear, he has never been bound by established beliefs and the ”correct” way to approaching music. His self-taught way of approaching both the guitar and the piano would probably keep every educated musician awake at night. Still this originality is probably what makes Ohio’s songs stand out from the rest. His biggest gift is definitively his song writing. As he describes it himself: “Sometimes I simply hear complete arrangements with lyrics in my head. It sounds like it is a real song that I have heard somewhere recently. First I thought I was turning insane. And to be honest I might be.”

Sebastian Lamberg Torjusen



Sebastian is the most original thing to have come out of anywhere in quite a while. As a young boy growing up in one of the smallest towns in tiny Norway he wound up playing the tuba. Some would have seen this as a huge obstacle on the way towards reaching his goal of becoming a full time musician with a dream of one day playing alongside superstars like Beyonce and Kanye West, but not Sebastian. He embraced it. He has singlehandedly made the tuba relevant and cool. His iconic beat-boxing style of tuba playing is turning heads all over the world, and it’s the backbone of Ohio’s original sound. Sebastian has garnered an amazing theoretical understanding from working with a wide variety of musical concepts. He writes music for orchestras, brass bands, digital concepts and of course for Ohio. Because the band has an abundance of Sebastians he is often nicknamed Tubastian.

Sebastian Sletten Eide



The band’s second Sebastian is the one guilty of making your body move whenever you watch Ohio live. He has turned into an experienced drummer having spent several years as the drummer for Norway’s most prolific student big band. Combining a technical jazz style with big grooves you would expect to find in modern hip-hop, you could simply say it works incredibly well. Having a love for photography and beautiful scenery you should definitively check out his Instagram-page. You will find that he has more talents than most. Sebastian makes sure Ohio’s live events works and he takes the band from A – Z music wise. Privately he would rather stay in point A though. He lives by the same circadian rhythm as most hamsters and he has seen everything there is to see in the realm of critically acclaimed television. Everything.

Jørgen Lund Karlsen



Jørgen is one of Norway’s most sought after saxophonists. He plays with all the biggest acts Norway has to offer, both in classical and pop music. You will probably see him if you turn on your TV on a regular Friday or Saturday night.

During high school Jørgen wanted to challenge himself. He therefore decided to minor in classical music while finishing high school. Always booming with energy he takes pride in always giving the audience what they came for. This is probably why everyone wants to have him in their act. With his blonde, curly hair and boyish charm, he is often the one getting the most attention from the lady folks. However you should try to hide it, no one deserves to have that much going for them.

Tobias Lamberg Torjusen



Tobias is Ohio’s youngest member. This of course puts him under a lot of scrutiny when the band travels together. Still nothing about Tobias’ playing is young and inexperienced. He sounds like he has been playing the trombone for an eternity with the technical ability of most his seniors. Tobias has always played with people older than himself because of his skill level. For no reason what so ever Tobias got the nickname “Bobben” a few years ago. The harder he has fought it, the more it has stuck.

Stig Espen Hundsnes



Stig Espen is Ohio’s most educated member. He has a major in classical music from Norways finest university of arts and music. Stig Espen is also a very much sought after musician. He has played with most of Norway’s popular acts in all realms of genres and media. Because of his extreme versatility he has been able to position himself among the top Norwegian trumpeters in a very short time. Stig Espen is mostly quiet and laid-back, but don’t let this relaxed energy fool you. When he grabs that trumpet and it’s time for action, he will play the living daylights out of you.